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lol how about mrs horan liam


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Hey, guys. I’ve never done anything like this before, but if you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’m in a really dire situation. I’ve been trying to get a student loan to help me and my family pay for me to finally be able to transfer out of community college, but I’ve essentially been denied. I’m undocumented - something I’ve never admitted in so many words on this blog, let alone the Internet - which means that because I’m in the state of California, I’m lucky enough to be eligible to pay in-state tuition but not receive federal aid. I’ve gotten a lot of help from scholarships and grants, but it’s not enough, and I have been desperately trying to get a loan. My family is extremely low income, as our status is the same, despite my mother working 12 hour days every days just to try and pay the rent.

I’ve got a work permit and a social security number, and I pay my taxes and pay my credit card bills on time, it’s just I haven’t had credit history long enough to be eligible, even with a cosigner, for a loan. I need to pay $16,538 to attend my school this fall - which I can tell you the name of, to verify, if you message me privately! - but we were only asking for part of that. 

I have a job, a minimum wage one at McDonald’s, and before I obtained my work permit, it was my only option. I’m looking for a better one, but haven’t had the luck of getting one yet. But I’m not giving up. I’m just asking for this small help from you guys.

I’m asking - begging, really - if any of you guys have any spare cash, if you could be so kind as to offer a donation. Any amount would help. I’d pay you guys back, when I was able to, or write you a fic (I think I’m a decent writer), make you gifsets, edits, ANYTHING,  to try and make it somehow even. I would not ask for this if I didn’t really need it. I’m crying as I write this. I just don’t know what else to do, and the thought of staying in a community college for another year sends me spiraling down an awful train of thought that’s legitimately dangerous to my person. 

I’m just someone who wants to go to school, and has exhausted all of their opportunities, basically. Please, please help. Even if you can’t donate, just signal boost this, because maybe someone else could. There’s a donate button on my page, for Paypal, but I think you can also go here, but I don’t even really now how it all works. If you guys do donate, send me a message please, and I’ll provide you guys with proof that every single penny is going straight to my school fund. 

I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.


Hi I’m really close to having to make my first payment and I’d really appreciate it if you could signal boost this pls

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He wrote a song called “A litte bit of your heart”. It’s about loving somebody so much you don’t care if you have to share them with somebody else.
Ariana Grande talking about the song Harry Styles wrote for her album on Smallzy’s Surgery (x)

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Ghazal. Zayn/Danny/Ant. Rated Explicit, 4538 words. Ghazal, Arabic: a love poem, sometimes expressing love of home. [Warnings for casual drug use (weed), incest, underage participants. Takes place pre-X Factor. Commissioned by the lovely s hostages, with thanks to Gina and Nina for looking it over.] Here on AO3

Danny gets soft and philosophical when they smoke up and that’s probably what Zayn likes best about doing it. He likes the way it feels, of course: the heaviness in his bones, the way his brain slows, thoughts uncurling as they may, the warmth that suffuses his whole body. The deep relaxation quells any worries about his plans for the future, the rough boys always trying to start shit after school, whether his little sisters are safe in the neighborhood. But mostly he just loves listening to Danny talk. They’re quiet by nature, the two of them, and it’s more noticeable without the sharp scatter of Anthony chattering to break up the easy silence. (Danny doesn’t want Ant smoking, not yet. Too young still, Danny insists, even though he was Ant’s age when he started himself.) 

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Where We Are Tour Foxboro, 7th August, 2014

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Our Love Letters
With less colour

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part 1

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OT5 excursion to the jewellers

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Harry, Harry quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With banana trees, an island breeze,

And singing boys all in a row.

Based on a nursery rhyme. (x)

The fact that Harry’s name rhymes with so many things is making it hard to be productive with non fanart work…

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