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  • big spoon/little spoon: lately, zayn is big spoon more often than not. he may be smaller and leaner than liam, but he warms up quicker under the blankets and it’s what liam needs, pressed up against his back.
  • favorite non-sexual activity: they both like afternoons where there’s nothing to do, and they can pile up on zayn’s big couch at his new place and watch crap telly with liam spread out across the cushions with his head in zayn’s lap. or, if zayn’s doodling in one of his dozen sketchbooks that are thrown everywhere, liam will prop up with a pillow against the arm of the couch and tuck his toes under zayn’s thigh instead, watch the way his thin fingers work the charcoal pencils across the page.
  • who uses all the hot water: probably zayn, if only because he tends to have more product to wash off his hair. he’s also a big fan of standing under the spray and thinking until liam knocks on the door, “‘d you drown in there?” and zayn grins, “yeah, come save me!”
  • most trivial thing they fight over: when liam is being a twat with louis and zayn’s having a moody or sleepy day, slumping on niall and the furniture and squeezing his eyes shut. that, or who the best superhero would be to have as a sidekick in different apocalyptic scenarios.
  • who does most of the cleaning: zayn, to be honest. it’s not that liam is messy, or that zayn isn’t, it’s just that zayn had two younger sisters and a mother who would yell at the closest child to pick up the doll clothes on the coffee table, and zayn doesn’t find it much of a hardship to pick up the dirty socks in the kitchen or line up the toiletries on the bathroom counter. it’s a home thing, really, like how he doesn’t mind cooking, either, because it’s sort of a privilege these days. (and liam’s used to having someone pick up after him.)
  • who controls the netflix queue/what has a season pass on their dvr: zayn does, again, only because liam’s used to someone else picking for him when there’s downtime. it’s mostly action flicks peppered with the rom-coms zayn won’t admit he’s a sucker for. (27 dresses and something borrowed are mixed in the “recently watched” with the eagle and x-men first class.)
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: when there’s maintenance needed (since zayn bought his house, yo) liam does! zayn isn’t a big fan of talking on the phone to strangers, so he mumbles something about the number being in his wallet and crawls in bed in liam’s red jumper.
  • who steals the blankets: probably zayn, since he’s a snugglebun. he gives liam a tiny, sheepish smile and a quiet little “sorry” every time he wakes up and liam’s shivering and peering at him with a hand poised above his shoulder to tap him, unsure. but liam kicks, so they’re sort of even.
  • who leaves their stuff around: they both do, zayn’s just more likely to remember where he left something and pick it up later. (if liam leaves clothes around, zayn won’t hesitate to take them and wear them the following day, despite liam’s funny looks.)
  • who remembers to buy the milk: both of them. they like throwing on hoodies and snapbacks and going out in their sweatpants and trainers and sunglasses to the nearest corner market to pick up breakfast things at 10 p.m.
  • who remembers anniversaries: liam makes an extra effort to do so, if only because he’s trying to let go of old dates and replace them with new ones. and zayn remembers because he’s a little obsessive about things like that.
  • who cooks normally?: they both try! liam borrows one of niall’s cookbooks because it has a cool recipe he wants to try, and he writes down the list of ingredients and gets everything and they spend an afternoon trying their best to cook a proper meal. (the wild rice is a tad bit crunchy, but the whole experience more than makes up for it.)
  • how often do they fight?: not often. zayn would usually rather fly than fight, picking up a book or a sketchpad and barricading himself on the balcony or in the bathroom if liam’s voice even starts to rise. after, he’ll slink back to wherever liam has been brooding and tuck himself up under liam’s arm and they’ll eventually talk it out. it’s a process they’re still learning.
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: they’re not, not really. they’ve been trying to take it slow, give each other time while off tour, but liam always ends up spending the night at zayn’s at the end of the day even if they’ve been doing things with other people. they’ve got a good bit of time to make up for.
  • nicknames for each other?: liam is “li” (or, if zayn is very sleepy, “li-li”), zayn is “z.”
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Liam. He has this whole like, old-fashioned gentleman thing going, despite both of them being boys, and Zayn rolls his eyes but doesn’t really mind.
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: zayn doodles a lot, so he’ll often slip little scraps of paper with sketches into liam’s pockets or his overnight bag. liam gets zayn the expensive collector’s editions of comic books he wouldn’t buy for himself but will admire online for hours.
  • who kissed who first?: it was always liam, until it was zayn. it was liam at the bungalow, a year after their first visit together, it was dark and everyone else was asleep piled up in the living room, and he sort of accidentally leaned in too far when whispering, curled up against zayn. it was liam, too, when they were all punchdrunk and life-high at the brit awards, in the car on the way back to the hotel, and zayn was all up in his space talking too fast and too loud about too many things. but it was zayn when they were tucked in against each other in his big new bed, and liam’s heart felt like it was too hurt to bear any more, and he was still the one who asked, but it was zayn who crawled on top of him and held his face in both hands and pressed their lips together.
  • who made the first move?: they kind of fell into it? from that first night with liam’s broken heart they took baby steps, talking a lot about not wanting to take it too fast but at the same time knowing it had been a long time coming. they don’t want it to be a rebound, done in a few months flat, but at the same time they’ve both wanted each other forever.
  • who started the relationship?: liam. zayn wasn’t going to say anything or push at it.
  • who cusses more?: they’re both sort of bad about it. but half the time zayn curses in urdu, and he maintains it doesn’t count if the tiny kids in the line at tesco can’t understand it.
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: liam goes into daddy direction mode if zayn so much as sneezes too many times, but zayn’s fiercely protective of liam, too, would be the first to run up to lou or paul or whoever’s around asking for a plaster if liam got a cut. there’s also the time zayn’s doing kickflips on his skateboard up the driveway and falls and gets a nasty scrape on his elbow, and he counts five times he has to tell liam that no, he really doesn’t need stitches, thanks babe.
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